Where to Purchase My Books!

To order Baltimore Girls (13.99, paperback)  or The Glamorganshire Bible ($11.99 paperback; $21.99, hardcover), email me at lviti@wellesley.edu.  I  receive  no royalties for sales through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Finishing Line Press, but was paid in author’s copies, 50 of each book, so please, order directly from me so I’m able to donate proceeds —see below for details.

I accept  payment via Venmo, or Paypal.

Proceeds from sale of these books will go to scholarship funds at Mercy High School, Baltimore, my alma mater,  an all-girls school serving  a diverse urban student population.

Punting, my microchapbook, is available to download  at no cost from Origami Poems Project.

Read a capsule review of The Glamorganshire Bible, on the online literary journal Tin Lunchbox.

Readers’ reviews of both books are posted on their respective amazon sites: