The Nancy Ruth Levine Tanka Contest

Nancy Ruth Levine, my former student from my days teaching in the English Department at Westhill High School in Stamford, Connecticut in the mid-Seventies,  challenged me and others to a Tanka contest.

The Tanka is a Japanese closed form. The most typical meter is 5/7/5/7/7.

Here’s mine:

Teacher’s Complaint

No one’s read the book
Except my three best students;
Discussion flagging,
The slackers dream of spring break—



Add yours, in a comment!


3 thoughts on “The Nancy Ruth Levine Tanka Contest

  1. Lynne. Congratulations again on your book “Baltimore Girls.” I kept one for myself and gave one to my sister — we were “Cincinnati Girls” at about the same time period, and can relate. All the best, Mo Conlan >


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