December 11: Sunset 4:13 PM /Catalog


Inside: A Christmas cactus written off as finished, done,
Now ablaze with pink blooms.
A succulent dish garden stuck between dead and not-dead.
A Trader Joe’s orchid, leggy, elegant in its eight-bloom orchid hat.
Eugenia topiary, from the grocery store three summers ago
Has a fresh haircut, two globes of green.
I stuck small glass ornaments here and there.
A dracaena, a survivor, thrives through years
Of neglect and the occasional fertilizing.
A junior coleus, lime green, it  broke off  from the  mother ship
–rooted it, planted it, frost killed off the mother, now
in the compost pile under a tarp.
The red geranium that never flourished all summer
Always underperforming—sports a small crimson flower.
Tropical hibiscus, dragged in from the deck, one bloom, half-spent.
The potted rosemary, just in from the cold.

Outside: all dead or dormant, all brown except for
the yews, the boxwood. Gray rocks in a pile.
Gnawed at, leftover pumpkin by the back stone wall..
Bare branches of maple, oak, linden.
Pale blue sky. Tonight, snow.




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One thought on “December 11: Sunset 4:13 PM /Catalog

  1. So in wintertime the potted plants are our best friends as they complement our necessarily domestic days. How nice that your plants are so colorful and responsive. Thanks once again for providing smiles on this frigid day.


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