Crystal Hill Homestand


(published in debut issue, March 2016, Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing)

                                                                For Don


Post chemo, i.v.s, dull food, and infection,
from Boston you have travelled home to stay
for R & R, a good steak, and affection
from family, family dog, just for a day
or two or three, in which to laze in bed, but not
that metal hospital cot with sterile linens.
You might walk out on late summer grasses
or shuffle through the leaves, sort of beginning
to bask in autumn sunlight, turn your face
up to the sky, squinting against the rays
that slant onto the earth in this, your own place
not thinking long on next week. No, today’s
the day you want to sit and read the sports page,
reflect on what the odds are for your team,
listen to music, drink tea, begin to gauge
how much you’re loved, how great the stream
of life around you, going on quite as usual,
elections, wars, casinos, Nobel Prize
littering the front page. Soon, you’ll
nap and dream, and waking, will arise—

It’s good to leave the battle for a while
gather strength, breathe deeply, smile.


One thought on “Crystal Hill Homestand

  1. Lynne,

    “It is good to leave the battle”…..Yes, yes, yes…. How outstanding to be published in a Journal of Art and Healing – Who would think they are so linked – the healing that is – if only we could return as we once were – not bodies marred by every healing poison and cutting and carving that we know we must face again or worse for the first time..who knows…. But your words tell all. That’s the way it is.You pay attention… Congratulations. Good health to all who suffer.


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