Climate Change



One Christmas, you broke in new roller skates
Soared down our  street’s white pavement
Flew onto a small front lawn to stop, because you had no brakes.

We took to the tennis courts at the park
In t shirts and shorts we worked on our serves, worked
up a sweat. It didn’t feel like Christmas.

Today’s like that, temperatures edging up to balmy,
roses in planters still blooming in the city–
It’s a day to play baseball.
The birds ignore the feeder stocked with fat black sunflower seed.
They’re finding fresher things on ground and bushes.

Our down jackets stuffed in the back of a closet,
Gloves in a basket on the shelf, no need for wool hats.
The snowblower’s covered up in a corner of the garage.

Should we worry about this warmth
or accept it, pull on our sneakers, walk out in the spring day
that’s come this late December, behind the sky-blue façade
that will not open up to show us its gears that whirr?