Committing to Memory

images-3By the time I was in elementary school in Baltimore, the old, early twentieth century method of instruction, memorization and recitation in class, had been replaced by a more kid-friendly approach that combined reading, class discussion, writing answers, and even doing projects connected with our studies, whether they were in science, geography, history, arithmetic, literature, or the arts. Continue reading “Committing to Memory”

Shine On, Shine on, Harvest Moon, Supermoon, Blood Moon*

2015 pumpkin_0451The garden that was slow to produce this year has yielded two dozen juicy heads of garlic, many pole beans, two waves of tomatoes, endless basil and arugula, a steady supply of lettuce, 6 wizened bell peppers, three hot peppers, and a disappointing enormous vine with huge yellow flowers but blossom end-rot. The prize goes to the lone pumpkin, which appeared as a softball sized orb about two weeks ago, and by the time I cut it ten days later, it was enormous, at least by this gardener’s standards. Continue reading “Shine On, Shine on, Harvest Moon, Supermoon, Blood Moon*”

Summer’s End 2015: Winding Down? Or Un-winding?

IMG_2101In this outer Cape Cod town the week before Labor Day, the locals like to say, “Things are winding down.” The city people arrive in high summer, tense and stressed, not loving the long line for croissants at the boulangerie, or the wait at the small seaside theatre, general admission in a house that seats no more than a hundred patrons. With so many visitors in such small spaces,  we’ve been all wound up since mid-July. Now is the time to unwind, not “wind down.” In yoga, unwinding usually comes after a strong twist, turning from the lower belly and the low spine repeatedly, till it’s possible to look out over the shoulder and turn the gaze almost past that shoulder. Breathing in, then slowly unwinding comes last, and then, the yoga teacher might advise students, “Close your eyes, and notice how you feel. “ Continue reading “Summer’s End 2015: Winding Down? Or Un-winding?”